With WOHO Anyone Can Play the E-Com Boom From Home

With WOHO Anyone Can Play the E-Com Boom From Home

The model of the day is e-commerce, as seen from the success of giants like Amazon and Flipkart. But an employee, or a self-employed person or a small business owner or a homemaker has no way of participating in this amazing momentum that e-commerce enjoys today. What is worse, with the pandemic raging on, conventional jobs are losing their lustre, prompting employees to look for other avenues. Bengaluru based health tech startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, is bringing together this demand and supply sides to launch WOHO, a revolutionary Work From Home model, that anyone can start as a part-time job or side hustle, and grow it to be an amazing wealth creator for themselves. WOHO is a fully loaded digital platform where people can join and start selling Vieroots’ revolutionary wellness products through social media channels, utilizing the latest tools and technologies that the company provides. What is more, WOHO even trains you to be an effective Lifestyle Consultant, even if you don’t know anything much about wellness or sales! Vieroots Wellness Solutions is the brainchild of Sajeev Nair, who is a leading

international authority in biohacking, wellness and direct selling, who has set this up as a purpose driven company from the ground up.

Just months back, companies were vying with each other to be ‘Great Places to Work’, as seen from the several such awards. A tiny virus has changed all that. The pandemic that it unleashed has paralyzed many conventional workplaces, whereas the more technically agile companies like IT firms made a beeline for redeploying their workforces from home. Suddenly, employees’ own homes have become the new ‘Great Places to Work!’ However, this doesn’t solve the greater problem facing employees today, which is stagnant or lower salaries as well as the potential for job losses.

In developed economies like North America and Europe, mechanisms like ‘side hustle’ have naturally evolved, which denotes a part-time job or a second job that employees undertake from another company on an hourly basis. A side hustle is typically done online to avoid the dual commuting to different offices. Needless to say, side hustles that get massive projects done through hundreds or thousands of such part-time workers, require a robust IT infrastructure, which is perhaps the reason why India has been a slow starter in this regard.

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Now, Bengaluru based health technology startup, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, is all set to change this landscape by becoming India’s first organized side hustle provider. Reflecting the place from which this side hustle will be delivered, the company has named this digital platform as Vieroots ‘WOHO.’ Started only months back, the health tech firm has already attracted high profile investors including Bollywood actor and noted startup investor Suniel Shetty. The concept, which goes much beyond a typical side hustle, has already won hundreds of early adopters due to several reasons.

The pandemic has left devastating effects across the industrial landscape. Many conventional strongholds like travel, tourism, hospitality and entertainment are in tatters, with no hope of recovery anytime soon. At the same time, a few key sectors have soared to unimaginable heights, like e-commerce, technology, and healthcare. A look at the stocks of

Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, TCS, Pfizer etc during this pandemic period is enough to realize this. One reason for the early momentum of Vieroots WOHO is because it is a perfect coming together of healthcare, technology & e-commerce.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions’ core product is an Artificial Intelligence powered mobile health app, EPLIMO, which stands for Personalized Epigenetic Lifestyle Modifications. This app, which is available for both iOS and Android, is the first such solution in India, and one among the handful of such solutions worldwide. Personalized Lifestyle Modifications, based on each person’s genetic and metabolic profiles, stands at the cutting edge of wellness research today, as such personalized changes, when properly practiced, can even be Epigenetic, which means it can keep lifestyle diseases for which one has genetic susceptibilities, at bay.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions’ other products include research based and scientifically validated nutritional supplements. Here too, Vieroots’ products are at the cutting edge of medical research. They also tap into the latest in nutritional science, which is all about restoring the health of the gut microbiome, as a huge volume of research is now emerging which shows dysfunction of gut microbiome is behind almost all lifestyle diseases.

With such research-based and technology-led interventions, Vieroots Wellness Solutions is a purpose driven company that helps its customers to take charge of their wellness, enabling them to live long and stay young with high productivity through biohacking techniques, or in other words, lead a ‘superhuman’ life of peak performance. Such uniquely life-enhancing products and solutions have been pivotal in the fast adoption of Vieroots WOHO platform as those who opted to work with the platform in selling these products found that these are not hard-sells, but with high acceptability among discerning customers who want to take charge of their health. But there are other reasons too.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions is the brainchild of Sajeev Nair, who has been a serial entrepreneur in various fields including wellness, direct

selling, information technology, education, hospitality and more. Sajeev Nair has been a pioneer in India in direct selling, having entered the scene as far back as 1998, and having built up some of the largest direct selling networks in India for international brands. He later became India’s pioneering biohacker, wellness consultant and peak performance specialist, and in marketing Vieroots’ products, he has steered clear of the pitfalls of conventional direct selling, and adopted a highly evolved international model, called Direct Selling 5.0.

Conventional direct selling, especially in India, relied almost entirely on the push model, where direct selling brands had only one strategy – to drive growth by pushing its network members to enrol more and more new members with the sole promise of making more money. The incentives like bonuses were all geared to benefit those who created the biggest networks, but in this process, with too many low productivity members coming in, sales actually went downhill eventually, and India became infamous for having one of the lowest productivity per person in the direct selling world.

Vieroots’ Direct Selling 5.0 model does away with all these, and instead focuses on actual sales with attractive incentives going to those who achieve sales. The career path also provides leveraging possibilities for those who have entrepreneurial mindset. And there is no undue work pressure, as each Lifestyle Consultant is at freedom to choose his or her own working hours and targets, using the WOHO platform. But even this is not the main differentiating factor of Vieroots direct selling model.

As a purpose driven company, Vieroots replaces the push or hard-sell model with a new pull model, in which its Lifestyle Consultants are equipped to intelligently share information using the content rich WOHO platform, about the company’s products and solutions through social media and other tech-led sales funnels in a highly targeted mode. Since all the products are genuinely useful and unique, as well as scientifically validated, this in turn creates the pull factor from the customers’ side, which the Lifestyle Consultants need only to address and fulfil. This model when consistently pursued, generates word-of-mouth publicity

and produces sustained business for the Lifestyle Consultants with little to no extra effort.

Reading these all, one may be tempted to think that these are all the future plans of a new startup. Far from it, Vieroots WOHO has hit the ground running, with a digital platform that is fully loaded from day one. Logging in to the platform as a Lifestyle Consultant, anyone would be surprised to see the comprehensive and multi-dimensional content that Vieroots has arranged to enable its members to market its products, so as to generate the pull factor from customers. These include in-depth videos, e-brochures, stories, articles, blogs, motivational talks, social media posters with links to product pages or explainers, wellness assessment tests etc. And that isn’t the whole story either.

WOHO also includes custom-made direct-selling software that enables all kinds of selling aids, prospecting tools, database tools, follow-up and logistic tools, calculators and performance monitors for each Lifestyle Consultant and his or her network. Also included is an effective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module that ensures that customer needs and queries are taken care of properly and in a timely fashion. Reducing the workload of Lifestyle Consultants is the availability of Artificial Intelligence powered and personalized bots that take care of routine queries and affairs.

And Vieroots WOHO has a real further deal-clincher in its anvil. WOHO doesn’t expect you to be an expert in wellness or sales to start working on the platform. This is because, WOHO also includes one of the most extensive training modules starting from the ABCs of sales (led by Sajeev Nair himself) to the scientific basis of the Vieroots’ wellness products, all explained using layman language that anyone can grasp and master. And learning will be a continuous process at WOHO, as newer products and solutions are launched, thereby enabling the Lifestyle Consultants to always remain fighting fit in marketing the products with least efforts, leveraging on the pull factor.

Any new online work platform should be able to answer the obvious question of how much can a new member hope to earn? Vieroots

doesn’t shy away from this question and this is what Founder and Chairman Sajeev Nair has to say about this – “I can assure everyone joining WOHO that it will be the best remunerative model ever in the direct selling business. By just putting in one to two hours of focused work a day, we have seen our Lifestyle Consultants creating enough clients so as to earn between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month. And if they put in more hours or do it full-time, only sky would be the limit.”

The idea is really impressive. Because, what Vieroots is trying to deliver with WOHO is a lot more than a side hustle. The model of the day is e-commerce, as seen from the success of companies like Amazon and Flipkart. But there is no way for an ordinary employee or homemaker to be part of such a success story. WOHO is enabling that dream by making you a kind of e-commerce seller for some of the most advanced and most well-researched wellness products available in the world today. Everything, from marketing to selling to logistics to CRM is done in an online way, making Vieroots WOHO a powerful way to leverage the momentum of e-commerce for yourself.

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