Will Nifty attain 14,000 TODAY? Anil Singhvi explains why it is placed well to do that

Will Nifty attain 14,000 TODAY? Anil Singhvi explains why it is placed well to do that

Where is the market headed? Will Nifty 50 cross the 14,000 mark on Tuesday? If you are an investor, these questions would now be on your mind. At 9:30 am, the Nifty was trading at 13,952.90, up by almost 0.6 percent. Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi gives his take on the issue! 

The Market Guru started by saying that it would have not been possible for Indian Markets to trade with the same zeal as it is doing now if the US Markets were not moving strongly. 

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He said that Dow was helping the Indian Markets and there is no denying this fact. Dow Futures are up by almost 125 points, he added. All the three indices on Monday attained their lifetime highs, he further said.  

The good thing is that now the momentum is being taken forward even by the European Markets. It has otherwise been very dull. The Brexit issue is now behind us and the markets are going strong, the Managing Editor said. So, the markets are firing on all cylinders.  

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He said that Nifty cannot have a better time to attain the 14,000 mark than now. Likening it to the cricket pitch, he said that the stage is now set for Nifty to reach 14,000. 

On the US stimulus, he pointed out two aspects – one was the presence of adequate liquidity, that will help the markets to remain strong and the other is that the need for a big package. The latter could also be an indication to what is happening in the US economy, currently. This suggests that the revival could still be at some distance. 

What investors should see? 

Under the current circumstances, it is advised that the investors remain with the market, Singhvi said. The investors must know that the liquidity requirements will be met by Fed for the next two years and the interest rates will also remain down. If more liquidity is required, it could come through stimulus. 

The markets are aware of the situation and it is important to be in sync with the markets, the Managing Editor said.

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