WhatsApp latest ‘feature’: Shop till you drop, but this tool will also keep you SAFE

WhatsApp latest ‘feature’: Shop till you drop, but this tool will also keep you SAFE

In these times of novel coronavirus, WhatsApp has been introducing new features to not only engage the users but also make their lives easier and keep them safer too. In line with this, the social messaging services platform has introduced a new feature called WhatsApp Carts. This feature has various benefits and it has a value-add that is very much required in these Covid-19 pandemic hit times. Using WhatsApp Cart can also prevent people from having to go to crowded places. Yes, WhatsApp Cart allows you to stay at home and still enjoy the things that you want. 

Through WhatsApp Cart feature, people can order things of their day-to-day use sitting at their homes. So, yes, this is an additional benefit for all those who do not want to expose themselves to coronavirus infection by having to venture out to buy things. 

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What is WhatApp Carts feature? 

WhatApp Cart feature is like an ‘Add to Cart’ feature on any ecommerce website. Using this feature, the users will be able to order several items at one go. According to WhatsApp, you will be able to browse catalogues of the items on the Carts feature. You will be able to select the items and make an order. This will happen in the form of messages. It will help to check order inquiry, manage customer request and close the sales.   

After that you will find two options- Message Business and Add to Cart. If you want information regarding business, you will have to select Message Business option while if you have to buy the items, you will be required to select Add to Cart option.  

You can see details of all items on WhatsApp ‘View Cart’. If you want to further shop, then you can select ‘Add More’ option.  Whenever your order is complete, you can send the message to the shopkeeper. 

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