WhatsApp group private message: Keep your reply secret this way, give no clue to anyone – Top tips

WhatsApp group private message: Keep your reply secret this way, give no clue to anyone – Top tips

WhatsApp group private message: Let’s face it. There are so many times every day that you are left in a dilemma whether you should reply to a WhatsApp message, but due to certain reasons, you just don’t want everyone in group to see your reply. You want your WhatsApp reply to be a secret between you and the person you are sending it to, leaving the others in the dark.

You could of course, always chose to reply directly on WhatsApp to that person, but then why waste time when there is a ready-made solution just for you? Yes and it ensures WhatsApp group message privacy. It is the best way to have your cake and eat it too! Fortunately, WhatsApp realised the importance of providing its users with this feature and it did via an update. So, how to send individual message in WhatsApp group? What is this WhatsApp update? Know here and be alone in a crowd – with the one you really want to communicate with, because we tell you how to send private message in WhatsApp! Then, you can troll others, you can divulge sensitive info to your chosen one and have much more fun! Yes, WhatsApp group message privacy can be maintained.

WhatsApp Group has a new features that offers an enhanced user-experience that you will absolutely love. To WhatsApp group feature has been added a new way to respond to a chat in a group in total privacy.

WhatsApp Group feature allows a number of people to communicate with each other at the same time. It allows almost real time sharing of information of all kinds – text, photos, videos, sound. This allows WhatsApp group members to connect better with friends and loved ones. Considering that Covid-19 pandemic has ensured that people do not travel, this tool is essential for all to stay in touch and keep track of each others welfare. WhatsApp has been pretty active in finding out users requirements and rolling out timely updates. Whatsapp has also kept track of new user requirments cropping up, exspecially during the corona pandemic and its response has been quick and to the point.

How to reply to a group message privately on WhatsApp

So, how to reply privately on WhatsApp group? Those using Android, iOS and WhatsApp Web will have to do things a little differently on account of theor OS being different.

WhatsApp group private message on Android smartphone: Tips
1. Open any one of your WhatsApp group chats
2. Long press on the WhatsApp group message to respond privately
3. Go to the three dots on the top right-hand side
4. Simply click on WhatsApp Reply Privately option on the menu, type message and send
5. Message will appear only in that contact’s window that you replied to
How to reply privately on WhatsApp Group on iPhone smartphone: Tips
1. Open WhatsApp group chat that you want to reply to
2. Tap and hold message
3. More icon is what you want and you will find it on right-hand side – click on it
4. Reply Privately
5. What will happen next is that the specific contact’s window will open
6. Type and send your private WhatsApp message and it will reach contact with the group’s name
How to reply privately on WhatsApp Web Group: Tips
1. Open the WhatsApp Web Group and then mouse over the message,
2. Click on Menu or the bottom arrow and pick Reply Privately legend
3. Type and Send your reply to that particular WhatsApp Web Group contact you want to see it.

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