Stocks to Buy With Anil Singhvi: Gujarat Fluoro, Johnson Hitachi are top picks; know what works for them

Stocks to Buy With Anil Singhvi: Gujarat Fluoro, Johnson Hitachi are top picks; know what works for them

Stock markets have been showing some great momentum and every fall gives an opportunity to buy. In today’s edition of popular TV show ‘Sadabahaar Sethi Saab’, Market Analyst Vikas Sethi recommended two stocks in a chat with Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi. Both are from the cash market. Sethi’s recommendations were from the short term perspective. Know which stocks these are and why this analyst picked them. 

Top Stocks To Buy: Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals 

Analyst Vikas Sethi recommended Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals today for bumper returns. This company manufactures fluoro chemicals, fluoro polymers and refrigerants and is a very popular company in this space, he said. The results of the first half of the financial year shows that the half year profits have more than doubled in FY21 at Rs 141 cr as against Rs 61 cr during the corresponding period in FY20. He said that the country will also benefit from antidumping duty that will be applied to some products which this company has business interests in.  

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The return ratios are quite good and the debt-to-equity ratio is 0.4 which is quite good. The promotes have a 68 per cent stake in the company. FIIs and DIIs together hold around 17 per cent.  

The stock prices are currently trading at Rs 584. He puts the target price at Rs 625 in short term. It has the potential to reach Rs 800 with 6-9 months view. 

Top Stocks To Buy: Johnson Hitachi  

  Another stock picked by him was Johnson Hitachi. The stock of this company is currently trading around Rs 2295. He puts the target price at Rs 2400 and stop loss at Rs 2220.  

Zee Business has reported that electronic companies have increased the prices of goods by 5-10 per cent and that could help this company, too, Sethi said. This is a leading electronic goods company which manufactures air conditioners, air purifiers and refrigerators. The company has strong return ratios.  

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The FIIs hold over 15 per cent equity in the company.

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