Mrs Bectors Food listing: Anil Singhvi’s analysis spot on, Investors get handsome reward | IPO means ONLY ZeeBiz

Mrs Bectors Food listing: Anil Singhvi’s analysis spot on, Investors get handsome reward | IPO means ONLY ZeeBiz

Mrs Bectors Food listing: Mrs Bectors Food Specialities listed at Rs 500 on Monday. In yet another IPO recommendation, Zee Business Managing Editor Anil Singhvi’s analysis was spot on and investors who followed his advice were handsomely rewarded. 

The Market Guru had given a detailed analysis at the time Mrs Bectors Food Initial Public Offering (IPO) was to hit the markets. He suggested a strategy for short term investors who wanted to invest for listing gains and also for long term investors who wanted to put money in this issue from the investment perspective. 

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Mrs Bectors Food had a bumper listing on Thursday and this stock ended the day at Rs 592.50 on the NSE.

The Managing Editor also estimated the listing price of the issue and gave a short range between Rs 500 and Rs 525. It was listed at Rs 500 on the NSE on Thursday. Mrs Bectors Food share price got listed and it performed exactly as per Market Guru Anil Singhvi’s estimation. Mrs Bectors Food share price continued zooming upwards even after the listing. 

Mrs Bectors Food IPO received tremendous response not seen in two years for any initial public offering. There were a lot of expectations around Mrs Bectors Food as was indicated by Zee Business Managing Editor before its listing.

The Mrs Bectors Food IPO was subscribed 198 times.  

Anil Singhvi Trading Strategy on Mrs Bectors Food 

Singhvi said that Mrs Bectors Food stock may gain in strength even after the listing. His advice to investors is to trade in this stock with stop loss of Rs 450. After the stock is listed, investors should apply a stop loss Rs 30 below the level it is trading at any point in time, Singhvi said. For instance, if the Mrs Bectors Food stock is trading at Rs 525, then the stop loss will be Es 495, he explained to the viewers.   

He said that the traders should trail their stop loss. He also said that it is unlikely that there will be a surge in the selling activity, or a top will be formed, or the price will fall at the time of listing, he further added. The demand for Mrs Bectors Food stock will continue even after the listing, he opined.  

He said that if you are a trader and have put money in Mrs Bectors Food stock only for listing gains then trade in it by applying a stop loss. You should protect your listing profits by adhering to the stop loss, he said by applying stop loss.  

The long term investors can hold Mrs Bectors Food stock, Singhvi recommended.  

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