Mid-Cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: 3 top stocks to buy – Gujarat State Petronet limited (GSPL), JK Lakshmi Cement and Coromandel International

Mid-Cap Picks with Anil Singhvi: 3 top stocks to buy – Gujarat State Petronet limited (GSPL), JK Lakshmi Cement and Coromandel International

Your favorite business channel Zee Business always wants you, as an investor, to reap bumper returns from your smart investments in the stock markets, and that’s why Zee Business Managing Editor and Market Guru Anil Singhvi suggests best stocks to buy through his panel of eminent market voices and share bazaar experts. Today, the Market Guru spoke to Hemang Jani, Market Strategist to know the latter’s Short Term, Positional and Long-Term mid cap stock picks having strong fundamentals for reaping excellent returns. And, here we list them all – Gujarat State Petronet limited (GSPL), JK Lakshmi Cement and Coromandel International.

Long Term Pick: Gujarat State Petronet Limited (GSPL) 

Markets are witnessing continuous reforms in the energy sector. Decision was being taken recently for compulsory usage of Gas in Polluting cities and Polluting states. This particular news is huge positive for GSPL. There are 4 to 5 states in Gujarat where pollution levels are much above normalcy, any reforms here would definitely benefit GSPL. Growth in LNG Terminal and network of the pipeline indicates there could be good growth in the volume which will benefit GSPL going forward. GSPL owns 54% stake in Gujarat Gas. Performance of Gujarat Gas has been extremely good. Volume growth is strong and overall, as a theme, one can see many positive developments in GSPL stock. The PSU sector as a theme in currently in flavor indicating GSPL could benefit from here. GSPL target price on this stock is Rs 300.

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Positional Term Pick: JK Lakshmi Cement 

Stock market is seeing strong positive traction in the cement sector. JK Lakshmi Cement stock is a regional play and its business is focused strongly on the north side. JK Lakshmi Cement is coming up with many value added products which might benefit the company going forward. JK Lakshmi Cement debt will reduce by half from 1000 cr in 2022. Overall, the reliability of investors on the management would increase going forward. JK Lakshmi Cement is going to benefit immensely from regional volume growth and deleveraging. JK Lakshmi Cement target price is Rs 420.

Short Term Pick: Coromandel International 

Coromandel International is an excellent midcap fertilizer company. Company manufactures Phosphatic Fertilizers and specialty nutrients; it is also into the business of Crop Protection. Reforms in the Agri Sectors and the news flow surrounding this sector will surely benefit Coromandel International going forward. Volume growth of the company has been stunning in past 2 years. Performance in Fertilizer space and Crop Protection has been stronger. Agri theme is a structural theme and considering these factors, Coromandel International looks attractive at current levels. Promoter block deal had happened recently around Rs 800. Coromandel International target price on this stock is Rs 981.


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