Meet Ekalavya Hansaj: The Brain Behind Incredibly Popular Quarterly Global And Its Brands

Meet Ekalavya Hansaj: The Brain Behind Incredibly Popular Quarterly Global And Its Brands

Quarterly Global is a top brand name that most high marketers, advertisers and public relations experts know very well. That’s because the name belongs to Ekalavya Hansaj or say the Mayrekan Family (which is a combination of the initial letters of his daughter Mayra Hansaj, himself and his spouse Anjali Shahi). Or maybe because Ekalavya Hansaj gets under anyone’s skin quite often. His story is captivating, Mesmerising, exciting,crazy, hilarious, victorious, outrageous, inspirational and shocking at the same time. Die-hard founders and clients can’t wait until the next campaign drops every time like an automated solar powered clockwork. Behind the brand Quarterly Global, leading all the action is Ekalavya Hansaj.

Ekalavya Hansaj is the founder and director of content, marketing and advertising for Quarterly Global and their various brands like Indie MM, Criminal Wolf Music, Bouncegate, Socialyk, Sparterr, Network Story, Read to Code and Wheels and Bikes etc.. He’s been creating a world class content and advertising team for almost three years now, helping craft gripping content and solutions that average at least 4X in ROI. For a seasoned businessman with over 125 digital media brands, millions of viewers and readers, that’s quite extraordinary. Ekalavya Hansaj, and his team of marketers, advertisers, content producers and PR experts, crafts every campaign to outdo the previous one for each of their clients and its own brands.

Having been the founder and CEO of a company that was selected as one of top 360 entrepreneurial companies in USA in 2016, Ekalavya Hansaj really enjoys being the Founder and brains behind content, campaigns and curation for Quarterly Global its various brands.

The Ekalavya Hansaj facebook page has over 51 million views, which makes it very obvious that there is fierce demand for his content, marketing, advertising and PR expertise. Quarterly Global is based out of San Francisco and Goa too now, and owes much of its recent success to the professional expertise and global skills of Ekalavya Hansaj.

Ekalavya Hansaj is someone who isn’t at all afraid to boldly venture into new domains and industry niches to best-serve their mission of making the world “one less broken” at a time. Ekalavya Hansaj has done so quite literally with his relocation to San Francisco from the ever-bustling New York city and to Goa from New Delhi, followed by a big leap over to Chandigarh. When it comes to marketing, advertising, PR, video and production, he also has pushed the envelope for how to create hard-hitting campaigns that don’t skimp on brand recall and production value. Ekalavya Hansaj and his brands are infamous now, having been featured in news reports repeatedly. Helping cement this notorious and infamous legacy is Ekalavya Hansaj, since, without his skills and global expertise, there would be nobody around to see what antics Quarterly Global and its various brands got up to.

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