Looking for budget gaming headphones? You may try Soundcore – Check top features

Looking for budget gaming headphones? You may try Soundcore – Check top features

Soundcore, the US-based Audio Brand by Anker, has announced the release of its newest Gaming Headphones – Strike 1 and Strike 3. The product is available in several leading retail stores along with the e-commerce giant Flipkart. Priced for Rs. 2999/- and Rs. 3999/- respectively, the products come with 18 months warranty.

“Both the headphones boast gaming audio with precision hearing. Get an in-game advantage, thanks to the especially designed driver enclosure that emphasizes every sound of  gaming – gunfire to footsteps to pinpoint enemy positions. The oversized 52mm drivers which is very bass-driven, is able to deliver a wider frequency range and better fidelity sound. The construction ensures amplifying positional audio cues, with punch, power, and stunning realism,” the company said in a statement.

“Also, Strike 3 also brings the virtual 7.1 surround sound experience, with an option to personalize the audio preferences with a large collection of EQ presets and sound modes, through the Soundcore app,” the company adds.

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Further, Soundcore claims, “The ultra-durable construction and lightweight design, makes it comfortable to wear for the marathon round of games without feeling worn out. The Headband is fully adjustable, and flexible balancing the style quotient. Staying cool under pressure, the Ear pads of the headphones are made from soft memory foam, infused with cooling gel, so it can help keep user ears from heating up too much during long hours of gaming, while a volume-limiting switch can keep the loud noises down to ensure to avoid any hearing damage.”

The Gaming Headsets comes with an integrated mic that’s designed unidirectional, for superior voice isolation. The mic, is IPX5-rated for water resistance, plus, it’s removable.

Strike 1 is AUX powered and Strike 3 is USB powered. Both the Headphones are designed compatible with a variety of devices including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PSP, Mac, Windows PC, smartphones, and tablet. 

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