How to make paneer was what Indians were asking Google even as corona was raging across country

How to make paneer was what Indians were asking Google even as corona was raging across country

How to make paneer at home: Google trends can throw some interesting facts and searches. Now-a-days people refer to Google for almost everything. Google is sort of one-stop solution for satisfying our curiosity and to garner  information. So, when the coronavirus pandemic forced everyone inside the four walls of their homes, it allowed people to indulge a few of their passions that they did not have the time for earlier. They especially took to cooking. And to ensure unforgettable eating experience, people wanted to cook in the best possible way to create the best dishes of them all. The pictures of these dishes were then shared on social media of course. To get greater knowledge, they turned to Google. And guess, what has emerged as the top Google Search – how to make paneer! Yes, how to make paneer at home is one of the top trends, it has been revealed. Then there was another one for those with a sweet tooth – how to make jalebi at home.  

Believe it or not, when the world was stressing about Covid 19 infection and how to avoid it, stuck-at-home Indians were busy asking Google, “how to make paneer” This was in fact one of the most frequently asked question on Google during the lockdown , in the “how to” category. Needless to say, Paneer recipes and photos of dishes must have flown fast and furious on people WhatsApp and other chat groups in this period. Yes, people found a great way to deal with this most difficult of times for all.

Yes, many took to cooking to kill the boredom and save themselves from falling prey to depression. Other people decided to take up their hobbies seriously while they remained indoors. While doing yoga, trying gardening, indoor games, music, online classes were very much popular, but interest in cooking just skyrocketted. 
Among other Google Search trends that emerged among the most-searched Google list shows our love for cricket. That means Indian Premier League appeared as the most searched topic on Google.  

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