Drunk drivers are terrorists: Cyberabad top cop

Drunk drivers are terrorists: Cyberabad top cop

Cyberabad Police Commissioner V.C. Sajjanar has termed drunk drivers as terrorists on the roads. “People driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol are no less than terrorists who kill innocent people indiscriminately on the roads,” said the commissioner who made a surprise visit to all the traffic check posts on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday.

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Sajjanar said the people who follow traffic rules on the roads even when police are not there and ensure their and others` safety are real patriots.

“Against all popular misconceptions, it is found that most of the drunk drivers are highly educated, employed persons. Shockingly, many of them have been to or stayed in some of the big cities like New York, Melbourne, Singapore, Dubai, etc., where they would never think of committing any traffic rule violation. But, here in their home state, they indulge in these dangerous acts at the cost of safety of themselves and other innocent people on roads. This aspect needs self-introspection by the citizens,” he said.

The officer observed that the loss of young lives in road accidents is adding great psychological stress and livelihood problems to lakhs of families every year in the country. Drunk driving has been one of the major causes of road accidents.

“You don`t dare to drink and drive in America, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and all. But you do it here in your country. If you are a real patriot, you will follow traffic rules everywhere,” said the commissioner in one of the messages.

The commissioner along with Cyberabad DCP (Traffic) S.M. Vijay Kumar and other traffic police officials made a surprise visit to all the traffic check posts. This was done to brief the checking staff on what are the extra measures which the traffic police are supposed to undertake to ensure that no accidents takes place.

They were briefed on how drunk people caught while driving should be dealt with and what are the traffic violations which need to be taken care of.

“Obeying traffic rules will not only secure the life of individuals but would also create a safe eco system on the roads for others too. Let us come together and take a pledge this New Year to keep ourselves and others safe,” Sajjanar said.

In view of the increasing road accidents recently due to reckless driving by drunk drivers, massive checking has started in Cyberabad police commissioner limits to book people who are found driving under the influence of alcohol.

Taking a serious note of increasing accidents due to drunk driving, Cyberabad police have started slapping criminal cases on such people who cause death in road accidents while driving under the influence of alcohol under 304 part II of the Indian Penal Code for the culpable homicide not amounting to murder.

As many as 928 drunk driving (DD) cases were booked across Cyberabad in three days (December 28 to 30). Police have so far registered 3,387 DD cases in December. Majority of those involved were in the age group of 21-40 years.

The drive will continue until this menace is totally curbed in the city, the police chief said.

In 2020, 166 people were killed in as many as 155 fatal accidents that occured due to driving under the influence of alcohol.

Cyberabad is one of the three police commissionerates covering Hyderabad and outskirts. Information technology clusters of Hitec City and Gachibowli and other key areas fall under the limits of Cyberabad.

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