Budget 2021 Expectations – What FARMERS want from Modi Government? Hear it from them only

Budget 2021 Expectations – What FARMERS want from Modi Government? Hear it from them only

Budget 2021 Vox Populi: Less than three weeks for the Union Budget 2021 to be presented by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and the anticipation is only growing for people from all walks of lives. There is a lot of talk around agriculture and the farmers. Zee Business correspondents went to the field to know, first-hand, what they really want from Budget 2021. Here are their Budget 2021 expectations from the Narendra Modi government.

What Farmers Want

Zee Business spoke to farmers in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This is what they had to say.

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One of the farmers said that like any other sector which desires attention from the government, agriculture is also looking for certain considerations. He said that this is an important sector as “70 per cent” people in the country still depended upon agriculture for their bread and butter. He further said that this sector has a significant role in the economy and it should be given importance in this budget. The Budget 2021 should be prepared with great focus on agriculture, he concluded.

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Another farmer outlined the role of agriculture during the pandemic and how it kept the economy afloat. He said that when the Gross Domestic Product of the country was going down, agriculture sector came to its rescue. He said that the farmers are the lifeline of the country. Any government which comes to power talks about the farmers.

The third farmer pointed out the problems being faced by him and other like him as far as the selling and price of his produce was concerned. He said that the government should listen to the demands of the farm community.

The fourth farmer said that the steps being taken by the government should benefit the farmers. He also emphasised on the need to incentivise youth who want to come into agriculture. He said that not just the Center, but the state should also come forward to help the farmers. The state should also implement the schemes initiate by the central government, he further said.

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