2020 Champion: IPO means only Zee Business – Anil Singhvi turns channel into undisputed leader in public issue space

2020 Champion: IPO means only Zee Business – Anil Singhvi turns channel into undisputed leader in public issue space

2020 has been the year of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). And at the forefront of providing the right strategies to market participants on all the public issues that came this year, has been Zee Business channel under the leadership of Managing Editor Anil Singhvi. The strategies spelt out by the Market Guru Anil Singhvi were spot on and have helped investors not only to make money, but also save money in some. As the year ends, we bring a list of some of the IPOs where the Market Guru’s advice created real difference. 

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The Perfect Strategy by Anil Singhvi 

  1. Burger King IPO – An IPO whose shares were available at an issue price of Rs 59-60. The Managing Editor had given a clear-cut suggestion to invest in this public issue for listing gains. He had said that the price will double on listing and that happened, bringing handsome rewards for the investors. 
  2. Happiest Minds IPO – This IPO was also recommended for those investors who wanted high returns on listing. The issue was listed at a 135 per cent premium bringing windfall gains for the investors.  
  3. Rossari Biotech IPO – The Managing Editor had advised investment in this issue for listing gains and for a medium term investment view. The IPO was listed at a 70 per cent premium, again bringing big returns for investors. 
  4. CAMS IPO – Singhvi had said that this could be a portfolio stock for investors. Once again this public issue got a bumper listing. 
  5. Route Mobile IPO – This issue also doubled the investments of all those who went by the Market Guru’s advice. The listing gains more than doubled.  
  6. Equitas IPO – The Market Guru strongly recommended to avoid this IPO. He had said that the valuations were reasonable but not attractive. The stock had a lackluster listing. 
  7. UTI Mutual Fund IPO – The Market Guru had said that the company did not change with the times. He recommended ‘NO’ for this issue. The issue listed at a discount. The investors saved their money in this offer. 
  8. Angel Broking IPO – His advice was a strict ‘NO’. The Market Guru had cited that there was nothing unique about this public issue. The stock was listed at a discount. All those who did not invest in this saved a lot of money. 

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As can be seen, Zee Business was the champion in gauging the potential and mood around IPOs in 2020. As 2021 dawns, remember that IPO means Zee Business and nothing beats strategy given by Market Guru Anil Singhvi.

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